Child Contact Service, Supervised & Supported Contact, Family Group Conferences & Child Consultation


Mediation can help separated parents to look after the children they love.

Sometimes some extra help is needed when there is a lack of trust between parents or a parent has been separated from a child for a long time. We have services available to overcome these difficulties and enable parents to spend time with their children in a safe and comfortable environment.

We can arrange for children to have contact with a parent or other relative with a Support Worker present or supervised by a Registered Social Worker. We can design the service to suit your particular needs and the needs of the child. We ensure that children have suitable toys, books, games, crafts to play with and that all their needs are met.

The cost of services varies considerably depending on our assessment and the type of service required. For example; supported contact costs £25 per hour, supervised contact costs £100 per hour. We are happy to discuss your particular needs and to advise you of the cost.

The services we provide include; supported contact, supervised contact, enhancing parenting skills, contact notes, written assessments, court reports, handover (children going from one parent to the other, when parents do not want to meet), letterbox contact.

Child Consultation

We can consult with children during mediation when it is in their interest to do so.

Family Groups Conferences

A Family Group Conference as the name suggests is a way of bringing family members and others together to discuss and resolve a particular issue. It may be to address how children are going to be cared for following their parent's separation or because a parent needs help to look after a child for some reason.


We accept referrals from Solicitors, Mediation Services, Local Authority Children Services and Private Clients.