Cohabitation Agreements & Pre Nuptial Agreements


There are millions of people currently living together as couples in England and Wales, and the numbers are increasing.

Most people do not appreciate that at present cohabiting couples do not have any financial obligations towards each other arising simply from their shared life together. Cohabiting couples can create legal obligations towards one another in other ways, but they never automatically become financially responsible for each other in the way that married people do.

The Government have been discussing ways to provide cohabiting couples with greater financial security on separation, but as yet no legislation has been introduced. It seems likely that for some years to come unmarried couples who separate will have to find their way through a legal system that is not designed to manage their situation.

Mediation can help unmarried couples who separate to make financial decisions that are fair and arrangements that meet the needs of their children.
Disputes on separation can be avoided by entering into a Cohabitation Agreement or a Pre-Nuptial Agreement (if marriage is contemplated at a later date).

A Cohabitation Agreement or Pre Nuptial Agreement can clarify your financial responsibilities and give you and your partner the peace of mind and security to build your relationship and enjoy family life.