What does Mediation Cost?

The fees we charge are inclusive; this means that you do not need to worry about additional charges for phone calls or other communications.

Mediation is charged at £100 per person for each session, sessions are for 60 -90 minutes.

The average number of sessions required to reach a separation/divorce settlement on children and finance is four, depending on the complexity of the situation.

The number of sessions required to settle other issues e.g. children's arrangements, can be less, again depending on the complexity.

For a divorce we provide the necessary documentation for £150.

For Parenting Arrangements and other matters an outcome statement is £100.

You can share the fees between you in any way you agree.

Fees can also be taken into account in the financial settlement.

Summary of Charges:

o Mediation per person per session £100
o Divorce documents £150
o Outcome Statement £100
o Separate Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) including signed court applications C100 or Form A £100

If you and your family are on a low income then you may qualify for help with your legal costs. When you contact us we will be able to advise you if you qualify for free mediation.

Alternatively you can use this link to do your own calculation. CLS Fund Financial Eligibility Calculator